When it seems like you’re snowed under at work, it can be easy to forget about the well fare of your technology and simply focus on work. However this can lead to you wasting time and it can make it harder for you to work, and be productive. Therefore, this blog has been put together to make sure your tech stays in good shape.

1. Use two-factor authentication

This is another fantastic way to ensure your information is kept safe is by using a two factor authentication and this kind of security adds a second layer of protection: usually, after you type in a passcode, you have another way to identify yourself such as a code sent to your smartphone, and so will the hacker, so even if they know the password, chances are, they won’t know the two factor authentication.

 2. Update operating systems

There’s one way to make sure you definitely will get hacked. Just simply don’t update your operating system when you’re supposed to and then you could potentially get hacked left right and center. Because updates usually include security add-ons that are necessary to running your mobile, desktop and IoT devices securely, without them you increase your chances of getting hacked. Therefore, when your computer alerts you that you need to update your computer, make sure you click, UPDATE, instead of ignoring it.

3. Avoid using public Wi-Fi

By using public WIFI you might aswell send a personal invitation to hackers to hack your phone. While free Wi-Fi seems like a great way to save your data it is as open to you as to anyone who wants access to your computer or handheld device. Free Wi-Fi is a great lure. Instead, if you’re in a location where you need Wi-Fi for a laptop or tablet, use your smartphone’s network connection as a personal hotspot. Your link will be more secure than the public Wi-Fi highway.

4. Back up data

This tip is important because there is nothing worse than losing months worth of work by accidentally clicking delete, or dropping your phone down the toilet. So make sure, whether you have a cloud-based storage option or a physical hard drive, backing up your computer, tablet or mobile device is important and even if you’re the most careful person on the planet, and may never have an issue with missing data, a destroyed hard drive, a drowned smartphone, or a hacker, knowing you have your tech backed up can bring peace of mind.

5. Lock your smartphone screen

Most phones have this feature and it’s a great way to keep the information on your phone safe. If there is an option to update the password to 6 numbers too, this would definitely be worth while.

6. Change your passwords

Changing your passwords routinely is one of the best ways to keep them strong, because by doing this, even if somebody hacks your website if you change your pass-code often enough, that information is long gone. However if you’re going to do this, it’s important to make sure you remember them by writing them down. Try not to use common words either, but make sure they’re different and hard to crack by using random words and implementing symbols, numbers, letters and capital letters.


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