When starting a business of your own it can be very exciting, but also very daunting. There are so many things to think about and are so many responsibilities that need to be finished before you even start to work in your office such as furniture, and all the other necessary things needed for you and your employees who will be there for long hours, and all this comes when you start a startup.

But with all this in mind, the main and most important thing to think about when setting up a start up is the kitchen. You can’t be turning up at the crack of dawn and there not being anything there to make a freshly brewed cup of coffee, and a slice of toast with melted butter. You also can’t be hosting important meetings and conferences in your office, and not be able to offer them a tea/coffee and a few cheeky biscuits.

Therefore, this blog is here to talk you through the essentials that you’ll need in your kitchen when starting up a start up.

Mini fridge

This is an absolute essential, that no office can thrive without. When sat at a desk all day making sure you have food and drink to keep yourself awake and energized is important, and if you don’t have a fridge, chances are all your food won’t stay edible for too long. There are usually parties to celebrate such as birthdays and therefore you’ll need an extra amount of food such as a birthday cake, and without a fridge you won’t have anywhere to store it.

Coffee maker

It’s easy to become tired and sleepy sitting in one place, working continuously for hours. And guess what? Coffee is the greatest stress buster. It’s true most of us at Office Monster can’t go a day without devouring at least 15 cups of coffee and a few cheeky digestives. Therefore make sure you purchase yourself a nice coffee machine. If you don’t know which one, why not browse our website? There is a fab selection to choose from.

Tea / coffee cups

Having good presentable cups is important too. When there are guests in the office, serving coffee, tea Etc in good presentable cups leaves a great impression on the people who have visited.

Water bottles

If you become dehydrated during the working day, it can have a considerable affect on your productivity and therefore your quality of work. Therefore, we suggest buying monthly bottles of water, because then you can keep track of how much you’ve drank, as well as it being a little tastier.


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