It’s officially summer! Which should mean 30 degree weather, cloudless blue skies, and uplifted moods all summer long… except this isn’t always the case because well, we are in England.

Therefore, sometimes you need to brighten up the office on the inside, to make up for the disappointing weather on the outside, and Office Monster has the products that should do the trick. Do you ever find that when the weather outside is nice and sunny, you yourself feel happier, more uplifted and ready to complete lots of work? Well this amplifies the importance of having a bright and colorful desk. Not only that, it has been scientifically proven that your working environment can have a dramatic impact on your productivity and motivation to work. So, what are these magical products that are guaranteed to lift your mood? Well this blog is here to talk you through them.

The CEP Range

The CEP range is one of Office Monsters favorite desk tidy range. They come in a wide range of colours and have a high gloss finish which will really help to brighten up your working area. Not only that but they are practical too, some have 7 compartments for convenient storage of pens, highlighters, sticky notes, pins, scissors and anything else you want to store in there.

The Maxi capacity letter tray can hold up to 900 sheets of A4 paper and can be stacked on top of or underneath the standard Gloss letter trays for a mix and match storage solution.

The Iderama Folders

If your office is a little dull and grey, this Iderama ring binder will be sure to brighten it up.  We Office Monsters sometimes fight over who gets these folders when they arrive at the office because we’re such a big fan of them. They are ideal for everyday filing in the home, classroom or office, and can hold up to 350 sheets of A4 or foolscap paper, so they’re practical too.

The Leitz Pen holder

Keep pens, pencils, and other items of stationery tidy with this innovative pen holder that features an extra compartment for smartphones up to iPhone 6 Plus in size. This compartment is really special too as it has a sound booster function which increases the volume of your phone whilst keeping your smartphone screen completely visible when placed inside, so as well as having a pen holder, you also have a little speaker too.


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