Let’s face it, nobody wants to spend their nine to five working in a dull, dreary office full of grey office supplies. It isn’t good for morale which in turn is not exactly great for productivity. There are however a few simple tricks you can apply to your office space if you feel it’s in need of a bit of a boost…


This doesn’t cost a penny to implement and yet it can seriously lift the mood. We’re not saying that music has to be played all the time, but if you feel the place needs a morale boost or you just want to make people feel motivated, why not switch the silence for some music. It may put a smile on some of your workforce’s faces and help them focus on their work.


Food makes people happy, that’s just a matter of fact. While it may not be good to encourage binge eating at your office, there’s no harm in having some sweet treats available. Simply place some cheerful looking, colorful sweets in a jar where everybody can see them and all of a sudden you’ve created a little morale booster for your staff.


Is your office rammed full of brown desk space and dirty coffee mugs? It’s no wonder that things feel a little bit drab. If the most interesting thing you have to stare at is your computer screen, then why not brighten the place up with a bit of greenery? Plants are proven to help cheer people up, and for minimal outlay you can transform your interior space with a few well placed ferns and colorful potted plants.


A lot of companies will stick to tried and trusted plain white jotter pads along with blue ball point pens for their stationery. While there’s nothing exactly wrong with this, when people are at their desks for forty hours a week, having the same colorless stationery everywhere can become a little bit dull. With that in mind, why not swap those white pads for something a little more fun and colorful? You never know, it may be something as simple as supplying your office with some new, funky stationery that could inspire your staff towards creating some amazing work.


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