When working in an office it’s essential to make sure that it is kept neat, tidy and well organised because not only does this show a good level of professionalism, it will also help you to be more productive throughout the day. When there are things everywhere, from paper to files to folders to overflowing bins, it can make staying organized especially difficult. However with the right layout and storage tools, you can make the most out of any office no matter how cluttered.

What springs to mind immediately when it comes to storage and organisation is the famous filing cabinet. Whilst the office environment has gone through major transformations over the past few decades, the filing cabinet has stuck throughout. Despite a lot of information being stored digitally nowadays, there are still plenty of situations that require paper copies and therefore need a place to be stored and a filing cabinet provides a simple and secure way to make sure that all files are easily accessible.

Why Buy a Filing Cabinet?

When buying a filing cabinet, it all comes down to the security and convenience of it and whether it will fit in your current office space. If your office hasn’t yet gone digital or if you work in an office where you need to have documents on hand, without a filing cabinet you will be more obliged to either store documents on the side of your desk, or shove them into the draw and this must stop.

Not only will this create clutter, it will also make it impossible to quickly locate a file when you need it. Moral of the story? You and your office need a filing cabinet, and here are some of the positives: they will help you to stay organized, and allow easy and quick access to any important documents, and they ensure the right level of security and privacy which is essential with the new GDPR regulations being put into place, they also eliminate any unnecessary clutter so that you can find your way around your office, without any fuss.

The Different Types of Filing Cabinets

VerticalVertical filing cabinets are extremely convenient to have in the office. They come with a range of two to ten drawers for storing any files or important documents you might have. The drawers have lots of width and depth and therefore have a huge storage capacity. If your office is perhaps quite small and cramped these vertical filing cabinets are perfect.

Mobile: Mobile file cabinets are relatively self explanatory, they can be wheeled around and therefore make it easier to transport files throughout the office and push the cabinet out of the way when it’s not in use. Instead of a permanent cabinet that takes up space, you can store a mobile model under your desk and simply pull it out when you need to access a file.

Flat: Flat file cabinets, are a larger type of cabinet and you would use these to hold large canvases or other documents that lay completely flat and therefore, you won’t have to worry about causing damage by folding important files.

What are the Best File Cabinet Materials?

Metal file cabinets: These are designed to withstand years of use without wearing down as they are scratch resistant, so that will continue to appear brand new even if used frequently. Therefore, when you invest in a steel model, you can be sure that you won’t have to go file cabinet shopping again for some time. Metal filing cabinets also come with lock systems, so you can safely lock away any private information, which helps you comply with the recent General Data Protection Regulations. However one disadvantage of a steel model is that they are not the most attractive item to have in an office and they mostly focus on function over form and come in boring colors that won’t do much to liven up your office.

Plastic file cabinets: are the most affordable option. Unfortunately however, these models aren’t that durable and may need to be replaced over time depending on the usage. If you simply need a temporary solution, a plastic model may just get the job done.

Wood file cabinets are probably the more attractive filing cabinets and will add to the character of the office. In general, wooden file cabinets are just as sturdy and durable as metal models and they offer the extra benefit of creating a warmer office environment. You can also choose between various colors and finishes to create the right look and feel.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Right File Cabinet: Cost and Size

Cost: Making sure you find the right value for your money is important too, ensuring that you find a durable design that will withstand regular usage. You also need to think about the security features and locks, and this will help you to determine what kind of budget you are working with.

Size: Choosing the size that will suit your office depends on how much office space you have for the file cabinet, and how many files you need to store. Because purchasing a cabinet that merely meets your current needs could end up being a waste of money. So make sure you measure up and have more of an exact idea of the size and style of file cabinet that will best meet your needs.


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