Don’t you find, it’s the times when you need a pen the most, that all the pens on the surface of planet earth seem to just… disappear? Picture the scene: You pick up the phone and it’s some one important, meaning it’s vital that you takes notes, except.. you can’t find a pen or a pencil anywhere. You lodge the phone between your head and your shoulder almost breaking your neck and begin searching violently for something to write with.

Folders are flung on the floor, you spill your coffee, and whilst your stretching the phone wire to the point where it almost snaps, you repeat the word ‘yes’ down the line as if you’re actually listening. Sound familiar? If it does, it’s probably time you got a little organised. An organized work desk has a few perks of its own. Firstly, it enables you to jot everything you need down whilst on the phone, and secondly, it prevents you from spilling a perfectly good cuppa’ coffee whilst searching for a pen, and thirdly, do we really need a thirdly?

Get your small stationery in order

It’s the small office stationery items like pencils, pens and whiteboard markers, rubbers, highlighters, etc  that seem to get lost frequently, so get yourself a desk tidier or a pencil potOffice Monster sell all kinds of pencil pots. Unless your looking for something cheaper and more environmentally friendly, why not use an old jam jar?

Organise your loose paper

Loose paper and important documents are other things that become lost quite easily (especially when on the phone, trying to find a pen). Purchasing a binder or folder would easily solve this problem as it would keep all the important documents together, so nothing can go flying around the office.

It’s essential that you carry business cards around with you. But unfortunately these are also small and can easily be misplaced when out and about. Therefore purchasing a a business card holder can easily solve this problem.

Remove any older, unused documents

Not only does this bullet point comply with the new GDPR regulations, it will also help you to stay on top of your work. Simply, remove any documents that you don’t need or use any more, and shred them and then keep the ones you are using near by in your folders. To do this, we suggest investing in a shredder. Obviously the size of your shredder will depend massively on the size of your business, but why not have a little browse on the Office Monster website, where you’ll find a large selection of affordable shredders.

If you have any queries, questions or anything else please don’t hesitate to contact Office Monster. 


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