As it is National Relaxation Day this blog has been put together to talk you through why having a place for colleagues to relax in the office is essential. As some employers may have the opinion that having a breakout room may be negative and might encourage colleagues to be lazy and might decrease productivity levels. However, we disagree.

We think having a breakout room is a must-have for any office – an area in the office away from where staff can take a break from there desk and simply relax. Perhaps a place to eat some lunch, have a mid afternoon cuppa and biscuit and recharge.

Breakout spaces are the ideal way to energize, engage and motivate employees. And, as we all know, an energized, engaged and motivated employee is more productive and more creative.

But what actually is a break out area?

A breakout area is a place that employees go to that is separate from their usual working area. It is a place for employees to relax, perhaps eat some lunch, and chat. It is essential to encourage employees to take a break from their screen to maintain productivity levels throughout the working day and having a breakout room that they can go to is a fantastic way to encourage this.

This also complies with the health and safety laws which require staff to take frequent breaks from their desks. Often, smaller companies could see having a breakout room as

Small to medium companies can sometimes see a break out area as a negative and might think it will impact the companies performance in a negative way, however breakout rooms actually do the opposite and companies should consider this before completely ruling it out.

How to create an efficient break out area

You don’t need to break the bank to create a break out room that will be sufficient. If a separate room isn’t available in the office, simply section off part of your open plan office and add some comfortable chairs and tables to allow employees a break away from their desk.

Having some natural light in the office would also add a nice touch, perhaps having it next to the kitchen too so they could make themselves a cup of tea by the window. Some comfy chairs and a table, a fan for the summer days and ensuring it’s nice a toasty in the winter months, should encourage employees to break from their screen.

Encouraging staff to do so is probably one of the most important factors, ensuring staff are aware that a few small breaks though out the day is encouraged and is important.


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