Being the office workers that we are we Office Monsters consider ourselves professionals when it comes to desktop stationery. If you’ve never worked in an office you’ll never know the sheer struggle when you’re on a call you need to take notes on and have lost your pen, or when you’re late for a meeting and need to staple important documents together and can’t find it. Therefore, it’s important to have everything you need at you finger tips, and this blog has been put together to talk you through the essentials.

1. Staplers

Staplers are an essential desktop stationery item, you definitely will not be able to get through your working life without one. There are three types of staplers used in offices, including full strip, half strip, and mini strip staplers. Each of these staplers can staple a certain quantity of papers. The full strip staplers have the ability to staple as many as 50 sheets of 80gsm paper while the half strip and mini strip can staple 30 and 18 sheets, respectively. There are heavy duty staplers, which can staple 200-250 sheets and are considered as industrial staplers.

2. Staple Removers

While you’re doing a lot of stapling, you’ll be doing a lot of staple removing. There was once a time when scissors, nails and other silly objects were used to remove staple pins, but we’re now in 2018 and this simple won’t do. There is a wide range of removers available that can remove staples however we have a favourite. Meet the Q-Connect Staple Remover, it’s 33 pence, it looks a little bit like an angry shark, and definitely does the trick.
However, there are a variety of staple removers available on our website so you can decide for yourself, here.

3. Scissors

These are one of the oldest office accessories, dating all the way back to the 16th century. They’re always handy to have in the office near by and at only £87.00 why not purchase a pair for your favorite colleague too?

4. Paper Clips

Paper clips are probably one of the most essential and basic desktop stationery items, and the most common too. They are available in several colours and are very inexpensive. They can be easily removed as compared to staple pins and the same clip can also be used multiple times. Check em out: paper clips.

5. Fold Back Clip

Fold back clips are also quite commonly used in offices and have a metal fold, which helps the clip to hold a larger quantity of papers as compared to the basic paper clip. It can also be used for hanging a set of papers on the pin board or wall for presentation purposes. Fold back clips can hold as many as 250 sheets of paper.

6. Hole Punchers

Hole punchers are a useful desktop stationery items that can punch hundreds of sheets at once and are well worth having within reaching distance.

The adjustable hole punchers are the most commonly used office tool that can punch anywhere from two holes to four and six holes. These punchers are capable of drilling holes in 30 sheets of 80gsm paper at a time.

7. Post-it notes

Need to quickly right down a message from a call? Post-it note. Need to remind yourself to do something? Post it note. Need to remind someone else to do something? Post it note. Post-it notes are a must have in every office, we use them just about everyday at Office Monster, have a browse.


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