There’s nothing worse than having a home office that’s basically just a spare room with some old furniture in it. Paperwork everywhere, furniture from the garden crammed in, dim lighting and some old clothes you’re still trying to flog on eBay, lying in the corner.

An office like this can lead to lots of distractions and minimal work getting done. Therefore what you really need is a good clear out, some suitable furniture and lots of space. And thankfully, Office Monster can help.

Get spaced out!

Obviously if you’re trying to start a new business, you’re main concern won’t be spending all your funds on building a new home office at the bottom of the garden or kitting it out with the latest technology and expensive oak furniture, however having a spacious office with lots of room for all your ‘spur of the moment ideas’ is important. Therefore, removing all none – work related clutter from the room is important.

With regards to essential items in the office, we recommend getting a large white/cork board to fit on the wall behind you, to record, any important facts, figures or new ideas. These white board accessories might be helpful too: Magnetic EraserDry-Wipe Marker Pens, Magnetic Marker Holder to keep it clean. As well as a white board, some good quality, but affordable, furniture will also come in handy such as these: First Desk high Pedestal 3 Drawer and a Work Desk Beech.

We also recommend placing your desk by a window, so when you work you can also take in a sufficient amount of vitamin D and allow your eyes to look at something other than a computer screen on your breaks or whilst enjoying your morning coffee.

Stay Organised with these

It’s easy to become lazy when working for yourself or in a home office, wouldn’t you agree? Which is why it’s important to be disciplined and organised, and we’ve got some tools to help you out.

1. Some ring binders and Lever Arch Files will help to keep all your files safe and neatly organised so your office doesn’t become a paper jungle.

2. These Black Plastic Letter Tray and a Pen Pot will keep your desk tidy which is essential as you spend most of your time at your desk.

If you already work from home, check out our blog: working from home expectations vs reality, you’ll definitely find some relatable facts in there.

Stay comfy

When working from home, it can be easy just to fetch a wooden, hard, chair from the dining room as it’s cheaper and literally just downstairs.

However when you’re sat down for 7 hours a day, this just won’t do. Which is why we recommend a proper comfy office chair. Such as the Arista Mesh High Back Task Chair With Headrest it has a head rest and an adjustable back, the lot, you won’t be suffering from a bad neck with this sort of comfort day in day out.

For more information on how to look after your body whilst at work, check out our blog Looking after your body while at work, it’s got lots of top tips.


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