The thing about Christmas is that people often think that practical presents are boring but the truth be told, we all love a good stationery set, laptop case, or a funky stapler and don’t even get us started about a swanky pen we can use to impress our colleagues.

Office Monster, is here to give you a helping hand with those gifts that keep on giving. In fact, they have a full range of products, all available at the touch of a button, so you don’t even have to battle the traffic to get those secret Santa stocking fillers!

Just get a cuppa, sit back, choose your selection and wait for your next day delivery. It really is that simple! Here’s just a few suggestions to get you started.


If you really want to make your mark this year, a professional ball point is both classy and classic. Featuring an attractive long-lasting stainless-steel design, like the Parker Jotter (£8.49), which also comes in a stylish presentation case, you will be coolest kid in class.


When you’re taking notes be sure that your jotter doesn’t get a ‘see me’ from your peers and opt for an attractive desktop pad that will give you somewhere stylish to scribble.

Office Monster’s A4 sized Silvine notebooks (£8.99) feature hearts and flowers from the Marlene West range and come in a pack of four, each with a different design on the cover.

For someone who likes to add personality and style to their stationery, there’s the Pukka A4 Colour and Personalise Project Book (£13.99). The Pukka Project Book is a jotter and colouring book in one and features a variety of decorative designs to embellish and brighten.

Colouring Pens

If you have the pad then you need the brightly coloured pens. For those who find it hard to keep within the lines, the Pilot FriXion Colouring Pens (£7.99), which allow you to erase ink as easily as you would a pencil mark, are the perfect cheat and keep the pages looking neat and tidy.

For further details visit and search for everything you need before summer comes to a close.


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