You know those items in your bag that you don’t leave the house without, such as keys, wallet/purse, make up, perfume, a nail file, and maybe some chewing gum?

Obviously it will vary from person to person… but this is the same in the office, you should have a selection of items on your desk that you simply don’t work without, and this will improve productivity and organisation, no more searching for pens, or important files with these items placed neatly in front of you.

Desk top tidies

Paper everywhere, lost pens, piles of work to do, and about 1000 emails to reply to that you accidentally deleted. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, many people can relate to this, it’s quite common. You get so focused on something, that everything else such as hygiene and a tidy desk goes out the window.

Well, you can’t work like this, you need to stay tidy or you’ll become unorganized and let other important tasks slide. Therefore, we suggest our wide range of desk tidies, like these CEP Pro Gloss Blue Letter TrayCEP Pro Gloss Pink Letter Tray for all your important, letters, files and documents. In fact the CEP range on a whole is pretty fantastic, or if you’re looking for an eye catching/practical desk set, the CEP range is for you.

The CEP Pro Gloss Pink Waste Bin

When the cleaner only comes once a week it can be easy to let your desk become untidy and ignore empty coffee cups and half eaten sandwiches lying on the side. However, even when the cleaner comes in they’ll probably still only clean around your paperwork, leaving you piled high with your unimportant paper work all over your desk, and the important paperwork, hiding within. Therefore we recommend investing in a CEP Pro Gloss Pink Waste Bin to quickly rid of paper, food wrappings and anything else you don’t need.

We also have a whole section on our website dedicated to cleaning products at fantastic prices, so go on, have a little scroll


As you spend most of your time at work, sat down at your desk, it’s essential to be comfortable, not just so you’re comfy, but so you avoid any injuries that could occur after long periods of being sat down. Therefore, we have some a great product up our sleeves to help you stay comfy.

Now despite it being slightly pricey, the Kensington Comfort Back Rest, is definitely worth it. Having that additional support and comfort throughout the working day to make you as comfortable as possible, is essential.

Stationery of course…

As you probably know, Office Monster do a very wide range of stationery items, from rulers to pens to pencils to rubbers to note pads to diary’s etc. Basically all the stationery items you need. However we’ve put together a list of the essentials that we think are must haves on your desk.

1. Bic Assorted Ballpoint Pens, as the new year is coming up, these pens are great for a fresh start, they’re good quality and reliable, and you can’t go wrong with a good old Bic.

2. STABILO NEON Highlighter Assorted, highlighters are essential in the office and with these being a bit quirky, you’ll be able to catch anyone red handed if they try to pinch one!

3. Rapesco Stand Up Powder Blue Space Saving Stapler It goes without saying that you need a stapler in the office, and sharing one stapler around a large office, just won’t do. That’s why we suggest, buying your own. And this one again, is slightly unique as it stands up, so again, they’ll be no pinching of your new unique stapler, will there?


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