School is almost out, which means we can put our feet up and relax. Especially for teachers, who work incredibly hard all summer long to ensure their students get the best results possible, and guess what, next year, they get to do it all again! Not to be a kill joy or anything but it’s important to be organised. Getting prepared for the long school year a week before you’re supposed to go back is never fun and because you’ll spend your last week preparing, worrying and stressing out about going back you’ll almost cut your well deserved holiday short.

Therefore Office Monster has put together a list of teacher essentials that we think will definitely come in handy throughout the new school year.

Electric Sharpener 

At Office Monster we know just how much work teachers can get in one year and therefore, it’s important to use your time wisely and waiting for students to sharpen their pencils and waste time chatting by the bin, is not something you or they have time for. With exams coming around quickly and lots of work to be getting on with saving time is essential. Therefore we think this: Swordfish Multi Point Electric Sharpener should be a must have in the classroom.

 Recycled HB Pencils (Pack of 72)

All hail the constantly disappearing, always needed, essential writing tool… the pencil. No matter what your classroom pencil policy is, you and your students will go through boxes of these. Which is why it’s essential to have a large pack to take in on your first day back.

Q-Connect Eraser White

In schools teachers will know first hand that not everything, goes to plan. Even the simplest of situations can quickly turn our different to how you expected. Which is why we Office Monsters think having erasers is almost as important as having pencils and pens. If your work or your students work doesn’t quite go to plan, you can quickly rub it out and start over, rather than trying to scribble it out and making a mess of their work.

Date Stamp

This handy date stamp will put a stop to any due-date debates with older students (and, their parents) to track assignments, simply stamping students work so they know exactly when it’s due in will definitely help to keep everyone on track and to stay organised.

Q-Connect Staple Remover

Teacher or not, (but especially if you’re a teacher) everybody needs a staple remover in their life, because without a staple remover in your life, what else have you got? Your nails. and you can’t sacrifice your nails for a few staples. Therefore, make sure you come prepared and purchase yourself a staple remover.

Rexel Wizard Battery Stapler

Again, we’re all about making the best use of your time and sometimes when you’re a teacher you’ll have to staple 30 pieces of paper at a time which can take a while. Which is why we at Office Monster think owning and using one of those Rexel Wizard Battery Stapler would definitely help.

Portable Hard Drive 

Last but not least the portable hard drive. This is probably the most important one, because teachers have so much essential work that not backing it up would be really risky, and losing all that work would be disastrous. Therefore make sure you back up all your work on a portable hard drive so there is no chance of you losing it.


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