You’ll want to give more than just your congratulations when a friend, relative or colleague lands a new job. Instead, you’ll probably set your sights on buying them the perfect present to celebrate. Of course, there are a number of office supplies that would be suitable to help someone ease into a new role. However, if you’re stuck for ideas, here are five bits of stationery that would make an ideal gift for a friend starting a new role.

Business card holders

Anyone who moves to a different role will have to get their hands on new business cards that reflect their title and employer. These will usually be immaculate when they are fresh out of the printer. With the help of a business card holder, your friend can make sure that the little sheets stay looking brand new as they’re packed away in neat little compartments.

Pens and Pencils

The majority of workplaces will provide pens and pencils. However, your friend should want to start their first day with one that they know is clear, sleek and writes well. This gift will also help your mate avoid the awkward moment of looking unorganised by asking someone for a pen.


Mistakes are bound to happen, especially when someone is learning the ropes. Make sure that your friend has an eraser so that they can fix any hiccups in a moment’s notice.

Refill Pads

Refill pads are great for note-taking. They should ensure that your pal won’t have to rely on storing loads of information in their head while they find their feet in the role.


Yes, frames are perfect for pictures of friends and family. However, they’re even better to display important certificates such as diplomas and degrees. Your friend will no doubt feel an added air of confidence when they’ve got their qualifications hanging on their office wall for all to behold.

Gifts that keep on giving

Don’t forget, you’re not limited to these items when choosing a gift for someone who’s starting a new job. Instead, you can find a wide variety of stationery and office supplies on our website.


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