Nothing feels better than reaching your goals, especially when it comes to keeping fit and healthy. But sometimes it can be hard to see the progression, and keep motivated. Which is why Office Monster think everyone should own one of these i-gotu Smart Q-band, it has so many benefits that are all pact tightly into one small wrist band. Here are just a few.

1. You’ll sleep more

This tiny gadget can track how many hours you’ve actually slept, and therefore you’ll be more inclined to go to bed earlier rather than later.

2. It prevents you from getting sun burnt

This isn’t entirely true, the UV sensor embedded will warn you when there’s a risk of sun burn, but how kind and thoughtful is that? What more could you ask for in a wrist band.

3. Helps you to stay connected

It’s on 24/7 and features notification of incoming call, caller ID, SMS, Email, calendar, and social media message such as Facebook, LINE, WeChat, WhatsApp, and Twitter. It always keeps you connected.

As well as this, the simple pressing of button allows you to easily reject a call. So picture this. You’re in the middle of a very professional meeting, where you need to at least pretend you have an interest in what’s being said. So you’re sat there surrounded by all these important people, (people who have the potential to give you a promotion) nodding along, trying your best to pretend your not having an internal debate on whether to have a salad or pizza for lunch. And boom your wrist starts vibrating, which means your phone will be making a very loud disruptive noise at any second. You look down. It’s your mum, probably calling to say something incredibly inconvenient. Quick as a flash you click a simple button on your wrist and end the call. No fidgeting in your bag, no disturbing the meeting. The promotion is still up for grabs and all because you’ve got your trusty i-gotu Smart Q-band. Few.

4. It’s splash proof

I mean, this fact in itself is a cool enough reason to purchase one. Picture this: you’re out jogging in the wilderness (because that’s how motivated you’ve become since purchasing this cool little gadget) and all of a sudden it starts to throw it down! But don’t worry, your step/calories tracker, sun burn warn-er, text/call alert-er won’t break because, guess what? It’s splash proof! How convenient, so you can carry on jogging, whatever the weather.

5. It’s compatible with nearly all devises

The splash-proof device is compatible with iPhone 6, 6 plus, 5, 5C, 5S, 4S or Android 4.3 and above with Bluetooth 4.0 LE interface. Its App, i-gotU Life, supporting sync and analysis, is available for free download on Google Play store and App Store.

6. You are more aware and motivated

It tracks fitness metrics that make use the built-in G-sensor. This includes calories burned, steps taken and distance traveled. You don’t have to remember to log workouts anymore!! This thing somehow knows what kind of workout you do and tracks that too. Mental.

7. It isn’t irritating

Wouldn’t it be annoying if, once you’d purchased the the Q-Band, (and had it long enough for you to loose the receipt) it began to feel uncomfortable and itchy? Well never fear, the durable skin irritation free TPU strap ensures comfortable everyday usage. Thank goodness for that.

8. The magical battery life

The Q-connect band also includes a battery promising 7 days of life on one single charge. So picture this: you’re out running through the mountains (you’ve started running through mountains now because you’ve got motivation coming out your ears and fitness is your second name) and you realize it’s getting late and it’s time to head back. But what about the battery life on your Q-Connect band?  Will it last the whole way home? Will you be able to keep track of all your steps or will it run out of charge? Questions shoot though your mind. Until you remember. Ah yes your tough little wrist gadget can hold up for 7 days. Few. Panic over.

For more intensive user who want to track further metrics such as heart rate, duration, speed, and so on, the free i-gotU Sports App can be run concurrently on the smartphone for these metrics to be display on the screen of Q-band Bluetooth smart wristband.

You can purchase one of these i-gotu Smart Q-band at Office Monster, at a fantastic price too, why not check it out.


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