The Every Day Carry, if you haven’t heard of it, is a name for those items you simply, cannot leave the house without, and if you do there’s a very large chance you’ll have to go home to get them because you simply cannot cope with the anxiety that comes with forgetting these important items. Of course there are ‘the obvious essentials: The phone, the wallet/purse, and the car keys. And then there is the extra few essentials, we at office monster believe are up there along side them:

 1. The Portable Charger

With my brand new Iphone 6 battery being such a let down after a matter of months, going from 100% to 4% in as little as a few hours, I came to the conclusion that I only had 2 options, I either buy a brand new battery for Thirty pounds every few months or… I buy a portable charger for £8.00 and get 18 extra hours, it was a no brainier. So now when i leave the house, having my portable charger on me is as important as having my phone on me.

2. The Handy Pen

Ever been out, and someone has said to you ‘you don’t have a pen on you do you?’ and you check your bag, pat yourself down, and wrack your brains until coming to the conclusion that unfortunately, no you don’t have a pen. Having a pen is one of those things that you don’t think is necessary, until you really need one. Which is why we at Office Monster think it’s very important to never leave the house without one, so when you need to write something down or someone asks ‘you don’t have a pen on you do you?’ you can reply ‘yes’.

3. Notebook

What do you do when an idea strikes? Sat in the cozy corner of Starbucks sipping your first coffee of the day and boom, you have the best idea you’ve had in years, the idea of the decade, one that could allow you to quit your day job, buy a yacht, and move to the Maldives for the rest of your life, and what do you do. You only go and forget it! Why? Simply because you didn’t have anything to write it down with.

Using your phone seems so obvious, that many of us are confused when people still use old fashioned notebooks. Though it’s counter-intuitive that a notebook is better than a palm-sized version of all human knowledge. Adding this simple tool can make you more productive, happier, and extremely more intelligent…looking.

4. A practical bag

Depending on whether your going to work or not, will depend on the type of bag you use, but seen as we work so often, having a practical a bag to carry your notepads, pens, laptop, phone and anything else, is important. Not only does it make you look professional, it can make you more organised so you don’t forget anything, or get that horrible sinking feeling when you finally get to work and realized you’ve forgotten something.

Check our Office Monsters website for some practical Everyday Carry’s and great prices!


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