You can feel it in the air. The dog days of high summer are nearly here and that means bikinis, annual leave, blue skies – and sweating at your desk as the old office fan moves the baking hot air around. If you’re sat craving an ice cream and dreaming of hitting the beach, then you need to get your desk ready for summer.

Stay hydrated

Bring in a sports bottle and keep it in the fridge. Top up the water with chunks of cucumber and watermelon, citrus or strawberries, and you can refresh, hydrate and detox as you drink. If you need a refill and you’re hitting the water cooler, make sure you’ve disinfected and sanitized it as summer can make your dispenser a breeding ground for germs.Image result for bottle on desk

Decorate your desk

Bring a summery beach theme to your desk top real estate with some drought-loving plants and maybe a summer scented candle. Bringing nature into the office is proved to ramp up your creativity. Add a holiday themed print – or just a photo of your dream destination – for maximum holiday appeal.

Up your stationery game

If your bag is stuffed with tatty old notebooks with torn covers and coffee spills, then it’s time to up your stationery game. Choose good quality notebooks with bright and summery covers, or stick to an elegant aqua and green palette for a cool and classy look. For real office kudos, choose silvine notebooks that have carbon neutral pages and nature themed covers. Better yet, for every tonne of paper produced, 6 trees are planted so you can be well prepared and sustainable – it’s the ultimate win-win.

Spruce up your laptop

Why not show your laptop a little TLC and get it in good shape for summer? Regular maintenance will pay you back big time, as a clean and dust free machine performs more efficiently and lasts longer. Choose our Q-Connect screen wipes and air duster to get into all those nooks and crannies – and because this product is HFC-free, it won’t affect the ozone layer.

At Office Monster we’ve got all your stationery needs covered, so browse the website and get ready for summer!


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