It’s much easier to get lost in your work when you have your very own area to work in. But in a busy household, or an expensive area to rent office space, not everyone has the privilege of a large work space. Here are our top tips for how to manage when you need to fit a whole office in a small space:

1. Get organised

The first step in making a small space work is to plan your workload so you know what you need and when. Mount a large board, like the Q-Connect Cork Board Wooden Frame, onto the wall and you’ve immediately got an easy place to focus on those notes, handouts, planners, calendars or invoices. And they are all easily accessible without taking up any desk or floor space. These boards are a great place to brainstorm or leave yourself reminders and, because they come with a wall mounting kit, are easy to install. This board measures 600 x 900mm but others are available to fit your own needs.

2. Choose the right furniture

Next comes some furniture. Most office spaces will need to accommodate a computer to work from, so something like the Jemini Intro Beech 800mm Mobile Computer Workstation can be a compact and practical solution. This type of unit has a roll out keyboard shelf which can be tucked out of the way when not in use and a built in lower shelf for printer storage.

3. Keep it bright

If you want your small space to feel bright and inspiring then lighting is very important. An affordable desk lamp like the Alba 60W White Architect Desk Lamp has a flexible arm so you can move and position it to illuminate your work from any angle.

A lamp like this can either be attached to the desk or stand on its own, so works whether you have floor space for it or not.

4. File smarter

Whether you’re running a business or writing an essay, most office workspaces collect a lot of paper. Smart organisers already know a good set of files is essential to keeping your materials easily accessible, but folders quickly take up space. Choose something like the Rotadex Corner Unit 3 Tier Light Oak and you can keep up to 18 lever arch files or ring binders in a corner unit, which takes up a minimal footprint. It looks sleek and simple and with three tiers of space, is a great space-saving solution.


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