It won’t only be the Easter Bunny putting a smile on your face this month because Office Monster has some cracking products which will help put an extra spring in your step this Easter break!

With the promise of some brighter days on the horizon, not to mention a long overdue bank-holiday weekend, Spring offers the perfect time to breathe a fresh lease of life into your office with some cheery pastel accessories. Not only will they lift the spirits, but they’ll also help to bring the outside in, making those long working days ahead that little bit more bearable

Fresh accessories, creative ideas

Up the creativity with a collection of Pukka Signature Soft Cover A5 Notebooks which, with their tactile covers and professional yet pretty colour pallet, are sure to help stimulate some fresh ideas.

On trend

With pastels all the rage for the Easter occasion, there’s no reason why your office accessories can’t be on trend. Pretty up the essentials including post-it notes, highlighters and more in the seasons’ chirpiest hues.

Bring the outside in

You may spend the majority of the week confined to the same four walls, but that’s no reason not to bring a little of the outside in with these fancy floral notebooks.

New beginnings

With Easter being all about the new beginnings, why not take our advice and make organisation a priority with the Leitz range of stylish and practical click and store boxes and binders. After all, the less time spent searching for those important items, the more time can be spent eating Easter eggs. We know which we’d rather be doing!

Finally, with Easter being all about the treats, it’d be a tad mean for us to let it pass by without a little offer from us. So, whether it’s cheering up the office with a stationery refresh or sharing a little joy with our selection of chocolates and sweet treats, we’ve got you covered! Use code HOP10 for 10% off – but use it quick as the offer ends Sunday 15th April.


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