Does your office have a stationery cupboard? A little (or large depending on the size of the office) cupboard within the office that is stocked up with everything your employees will need. Because during a busy working day, you can’t really afford to be running out of important office supplies such as paper or toner.

Therefore, if you don’t have one, it’s very important to get one, and Office Monster is here to talk you through it.

Spice it up

During a long day in the office, when it’s quiet or the day is just going a little slower than usual, sometimes your employees will need a little boost to keep them going. So why not spice up your stationery cupboard with some little treats? Because you can’t go wrong with some Haribo’s or a cheeky packet of crisps on a Wednesday afternoon with a cuppa coffee or tea.

Stay organised

Make sure, you always have the essentials in your stationery cupboard. So essentials such as, Pens, notepads, paper, toner, ink (depending on your printer) not to mention catering equipment such as teas and coffees because just imagine the complete and utter nightmare you would be in if you got to work on a Monday morning and you’d realized that you’d run out of Coffee! You simply cannot let that happen, therefore always make sure you’re stocked up.

Always have special treats for your employees

Having little treats in the stationery cupboard is also a good idea, and then if anyone in the office is in need of a little motivation or if there’s a new apprentice/employee in the office and perhaps they’re a little nervous, why not bring out a cheeky Parker pen or a lovely new pad, you’ll be sure to give them that little confidence boost that they need.


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