While we will all start the new financial year with the best of intentions to stay organised, sometimes, this just doesn’t go to plan. Whether your goals are to go to the gym 5 days a week, to file all your receipts or to pay all your bills on time it is difficult to keep up that motivation throughout the whole year. However, sticking to your goals and staying organised can help to increase your focus and will ensure you stay motivated.

So, with a new financial year here to motivate you, here are some of our top tips for getting and staying organised now and throughout the financial year both at home and work.

Reduce any mess and clutter

Recent studies have found that untidiness can lead to feelings of stress and can negatively impact your decision making abilities. At work perhaps setting aside 5-10 minutes every week to tidy up, file, and de-clutter your desk might be a good idea.

Doing this first thing on a Monday so that you can start with a clean slate might be a good idea, or perhaps last thing on a Friday as this will give you a way to wind down after a long week at work. Every week try keep on top of any clutter creeping onto your desk by making sure you keep up with your filing and ensuring any mail and receipts into colour  co-ordinated folders, and moving those little bits and pieces into a drawer, basket, or box.

Turn off any possible distractions

In today’s world, we are surrounded by distractions, whether it’s emails, messages, or social media, the list goes on and things like this can hinder our motivation levels and can even add to feelings of stress. Therefore, unless it is absolutely necessary, turn of your notifications for that specific app. If you have an iPhone you can enable ‘do not disturb’ mode for times when you really need to buckle down to a task with no distractions.

Use Technology to your advantage

As we are now in the 21st tech mad century, this means that now have thousands of opportunities just at the tips of our fingers and it can be the key to organising your life! Perhaps downloading an organisation app might help to boost your productivity, there are hundreds out there, maybe it’s just a case of downloading a few and seeing which one is right for you.


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