Obviously, being the stationery lovers that we Office Monsters believe that stationery can definitely make you more productive. Pads, books, pens, pencils desk tidies the lot, if you’re feeling a little uninspired we believe that by purchasing yourself some new stationery you can lift yourself up in no time at all.

Obviously being the stationery lovers that we are, we’re a little biased. So we have put together 4 reasons why we think stationery can and potentially will make you more productive.

To-do lists

Often, there is nothing better than purchasing yourself a brand new note pad and a few pens and turning it into your own personal to-do list book. This is a great technique to use because it will be a new note book that you’ll want to use and write in, therefore you’ll naturally be drawn to it and will want to use it. Therefore, this will help to motivate you to complete your to do list, get your jobs done and essentially help you be more productive.

Desk tidies to help… tidy your desk

If you’re naturally an untidy person like most of us here at Office Monster, keeping your desk in a good working condition can be difficult. What with half empty cups of coffee every where, important documents perched on the edge of your desk waiting to be filed and half eaten pens on the floor trying to find the motivation to clean this mess up can be a real struggle.

This is where stationery can help. Desk tidies are the perfect pick me up when your desk is a complete bombsite because you actually have a reason to clean your desk. You have all these, new shinning, and bright desk tidies laid on top your desk just waiting to be used. It would be rude not to use them.

It will put a stop to bad habits

Picture the scene: your stapler is broken. The files on your desk are piling up and are waiting to be stapled. But your staplers broken. You keep using the excuse that your staplers broken, but deep down you actually can’t be bothered stapling all the files together. So, what do you do?

A: Find the motivation to staple all the files together.

B: Buy a new stapler.

C: leave the paper to pile up until you get sacked.

It’s got to be B, trust me buying yourself a brand spanking new stapler will definitely motivate you to tidy up and put a stop to any bad habits that you might have.


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