Having and working in a home office has many benefits. Waking up when you want, taking a maximum of 5 steps and being in your own cozy office, with a cup of coffee in hand, a comfy chair, and everything you’ll need throughout the day at your fingertips. However despite these benefits, there are some challenges, because when you work in your own office, it’s up to you to keep yourself disciplined and to make sure you get all your work done as it can be easy to simply relax and not get much work done. However there are steps you can take which can help ensure you stay motivated and this blog has been put in place to help to talk you through them.

1. Location

The location of your home office will play a big part in the success of your home office. You will need to consider the best location for your work space within your home. Try and opt for a room which is free from distraction and far away from communal areas such as the living room or kitchen, so you are able to work efficiently.

If you don’t have enough space within your home, you may decide to build a summerhouse or shed in the garden to truly get away from it all – but make sure you still have access to Wi-Fi!

2. Two computer screens

Some home workers may never have thought about this little tip, but purchasing two monitors can make your work life a whole lot easier when you haven’t got others to rely on for assistance.

A second monitor may be used for research, designing or writing purposes when you are already completing other tasks on your main monitor. This will save switching between web browsers constantly and may make your day more productive.

3. Lighting

Lighting can make a huge difference to your office. Therefore, it is best to consider whether you have too much artificial lighting or natural lighting. Having the correct lighting will reduce the risk of headaches and eye strain, so it’s best to try out what works for you.

The lack of natural light during winter has been psychologically proven to dampen your mood – getting a replacement in the form of artificial lighting is almost certainly needed to give you a boost. Why not consider a desk or table lamp?

4. A traditional planner

A traditional planner is better than an online planner for many reasons, but the main reason being you are truly focused on your tasks if you write them out physically. A planner will make you use your time more efficiently and ensure you are hitting deadlines and targets.

5. A Cork Wall

Why not convert a wall into a gigantic cork board. With a humongous amount of space for all of your to-do lists, post it notescalendars and everything else you scribble down and need to remember, with a cork wall you’ll never run out of room again!

6. Plant’s Galore

Having a plant or lots of plants in the office has been scientifically proven to produce more productivity and increase happiness. They also look exquisite and whilst your sat staring at a computer all day, having something green and colorful to admire can help to give your eyes a break.

7. Shelves

Shelves are a great way to store things such as books and other small, light objects as they are up on the wall, they are out of the way but also within reach so you have access to them at anytime. They also make use out plain walls and make them appear a little less…plain.

8. Window seat

Unfortunately, we workers don’t get to see much day light, especially if your desk is no where near a window! Getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D is vital, especially through those dark winter months, therefore whilst you are working from home, make sure (if you can) you try set up your office by the window.


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