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There’s often a misheld belief that the pen’s heyday has come and gone. After all, it’s now 2017 and it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t primarily communicate by sending messages through a phone or laptop. This is certainly the case in office environments where most are kitted out with rows upon rows of computers.

Despite this, it’s still very important to own a pen. It’s a prime piece of stationery and everybody should make a point to carry one on a day-to-day basis. With this in mind, here are just four reasons why the pen is still a trusty companion.


There’s very little sentiment in a typed document. So if you want to add a personal touch to anything, such as a memo, friendly notice or letter, you will certainly need to pick up a pen. There are many other personal occasions when only handwriting will do the trick too, such as if you’re sending a birthday card. Therefore, make sure you’ve got the right equipment for when one of these occasions occur.


It only takes a power cut or poor internet connection for technology to become essentially useless. Meanwhile, unlike a computer or laptop, a pen isn’t susceptible to sudden hiccups and can always be used until it runs out of ink.


Pens are incredibly convenient and always ready to go. If you’re heading to a meeting and you need to take notes, there’s nothing worse than grabbing your laptop only to find out the battery’s dead. What’s more, opening up a device can seem rude. On the other hand, it’s perfectly acceptable to pull out a pen and notebook, and it takes a fraction of the time.


There’s still a degree of practically that comes from owning a pen. For instance, if you’re asked to sign something, you’ll likely need a pen. They also make quick work of creating those handy Post-It note reminders we like to stick all around our desks – a lot quicker and easier to reference than notes stored in a file on our desktop!

Treat yourself

A quality pen still carries a sense of status and esteem today, perhaps more so in a world of uniform devices. So why not stand out and invest in a beautiful new pen and notebook to pop in your bag or desk drawer. We have a wide range available at Office Monster as well as a host of other office supplies to boost your productivity.

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