How to avoid common faux pas when buying office furniture online


Let’s be honest: we’ve all made mistakes when buying furniture for our office at some point, whether it was the wrong colour, size, or shape.

To take the hassle out of selecting what furniture you should have for your office, here are some handy tips on how to avoid common faux pas that many have made in the past.

Get measuring

Take time to check your space against measurements of office furniture online and problems will be minimised.

Buying office furniture online is easier than ever, and in many cases can actually be a lot easier than physically going to shops. You can see a plethora of items quickly and at once, such as office chairs and office desks, and all measurements are typically stated clearly in product descriptions for you. This leads to one of the nation’s major faux pas: not taking the time to measure your intended office space first.

Take the time to check the layout of your office. Dust off the tape measure and know your measurements.

Beware of that visitor

Next, who is going to be using your office? As it’s an investment, you need to be wary of future visitors, as a luxurious fabric-clad office chair is most probably not going to fare well if you have toddlers or workmen in and out of your office regularly. Take a look at the types of fabric on your furniture: perhaps wipe-able materials may suit better, or maybe a hard-wearing material is more appropriate for your needs. Sometimes it is best to think of the purpose too rather than what simply looks stylish.

Keeping as comfortable as possible

Finally, the biggest faux pas of all: neglecting what’s most comfortable. Think about the comfort of yourself, employees and any visitors. That small hard plastic chair may just be the definition of trendy, however, will you staff members be thanking you at the end of the week? It is important that your office furniture is not only great to look at, but is comfortable too.

A good question to ask is, does it offer comfort for the level of use it is going to endure? This will prevent any need for replacement.


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