The best breakout spaces are the ones that flow, rather than being overstuffed with ‘cool items’.

It’s the must-have for any office – a space where staff can take a break, chat and collaborate away from the regimented routine of desk life. Not quite a snack bar, less formal than a meeting room, breakout spaces are the ideal way to energise, engage and motivate employees. And, as we all know, an energised, engaged and motivated employee is more productive and more creative.


So what are the dos and don’ts of the perfect breakout area?

DO use colour

That lonely, forgotten area over there can be a great breakout space with a little thought and imagination. Colour can be stimulating, and yellow, blue, green, red and orange are your go-to colours here. Just make sure you don’t include them all at once, unless you want your breakout space to look like it was decorated by a hyperactive four year old. Yellow promotes team work, orange and red energise but are best used for furniture and blue promotes relaxation and intellectual thought.

A living green wall would look incredible, but just a pot of paint will do the job.

DO think about flexibility

Your breakout room should be multipurpose – somewhere to eat lunch and maybe get a great cup of coffee, somewhere to take a break from a project and get a fresh perspective, somewhere to brainstorm ideas. If it’s small, think about clever furniture solutions like wall hung stacking chairs and flip top tables that double as white boards. Make sure you have a sofa and somewhere to properly lounge.

This is a space that needs to work for everyone, so opt for some built-in charging points and some great furniture – not bean bags!

DON’T buy a pool table…

… unless you have the space and the budget for it. The best breakout spaces are the ones that flow, rather than being overstuffed with ‘cool items’. Your money is better spent on getting the basics of layout and furnishings right, so you create a space that everyone can enjoy and be inspired by.


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