With DC Comics hard at work on a new sitcom they’ve promised will be like ‘The Office with superheroes’, we started thinking of all the cool ways that you can become an undercover agent for truth, justice and, erm, a well-run office environment.

So here’s the Office Monster guide to becoming an office superhero in just five easy steps:

1Choose a superhero alter ego

OK, so this one is a no brainer. Every cool superhero has an alter ego – even the mighty David Brent has a secret life as the singer in a band. Yes, you could come to the office in Superman underpants, but this is your chance to get creative – so storyboard your own superhero name and back story.

2Dress your desk

Superhero capes for office desks are officially a thing. It’s actually not too tough a project to DIY – fabric, glue and imagination will get the job done. If you don’t fancy tackling a full desk, you could drape your office chair with a cape, or just make a small cape for your monitor.

3Pick a theme song

Pump yourself up for a long day at your office desk by choosing your own theme song. Then soundtrack your imaginary superhero life with a playlist for the commute.

4Get a superhero slogan

Decide what you stand for, then turn it into a slogan, for example:

• With great power comes great photocopying!
• Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like my tea making when I’m angry!
• I’m the best there is at what I do – auditing!

5Set your superhero goals

Do that stuff you know makes you an office superhero – back up regularly, organise your files, tidy that overflowing desk and deal with that to-do list. Identify your office kryptonite and find a way to not let it affect your performance. Maybe this point isn’t as cool as the others, but finish that project and you’ll set the boss’ spider senses tingling.


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