Did you know that when you work in an office, the items you display on your desk, how tidy or messy it looks, and even how often you are there will begin to show clues about your work persona?

Here are five things you can tell about a person from looking at their desk:

1‘This is the desk of a sociable, outgoing person’

If you want to attract people to your desk, give them a reason to stop by. It could be that jar of sweets you share or a mini lending library of new bestsellers. Offer colleagues a reason to ‘visit’ your desk if you want to interact more.

2‘This is the desk of a reliable person’

When everything is in its dedicated place on your desk, you can convey that you’re very organised. If you crave a promotion that involves good organisational skills, ensure you tidy up your desk regularly.

3‘This desk belongs to someone open to new projects, new responsibilities and ideas’

If you’re the sort of person who embraces desk sharing, you’re happy to be moved in an office re-organisation and you’re not possessive about shared resources then you’re showing that you’re a flexible person, ready for new ideas and opportunities. This isn’t the same as being a doormat, sitting in a dark corner because nobody else wants that seat – this is about being flexible when it really matters.

4‘This desk is also my own personal canteen’

You may think eating meals at your desk shows dedication, but it could backfire and make you look like you’re disorganised. Eating at your desk every day can imply that you literally have too much on your plate!

5‘This desk says: ‘I wish I wasn’t here’

Too much dry humour, and too many images of who, where or what you would rather be can show that you’re only at your office desk because you need to make enough to pay the rent. However true that is, it’s probably not going to convince the boss to give you a promotion any time soon!


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