When it comes to your office environment, one size definitely does not fit all. The impact of poor office design might surprise you, with 84% of workers saying they found the popular ‘open office’ option didn’t work for them at all.

So, how can you create an office that works for all your employees and makes them happier and more productive? Follow these five simple design principles to make your office a happy, healthy and creative place to be.

1Adapt the space to the person, not the person to the space

If you work in finance, you want peace and privacy, right? Work creatively and you want space to think. Work in software and… well, who knows exactly, but you get the point. No two employees or their functions are exactly the same. So adapt their space to their function, not some ideal of what your office is supposed to look like. Because doing accounts on a slide is hard work.

2Keep it social

You know those open areas where people congregate? Use some cool, non-office furniture like comfortable sofas to make them inviting and sociable. Encourage chatting because, who knows, those water cooler conversations might just grow into some great new business ideas. But keep those formal areas with that conventional office furniture for those collar and tie meetings, too.

3Glass and more glass

People are like plants – they need light and air to thrive. When you see someone idly staring out the window, think of it as creating a clear space to encourage and promote clear thinking, rather than, you know, just daydreaming.

4It’s not graffiti, it’s creative

You might have to keep your office desks but you can make your walls – and windows – come alive. Provide marker pens, erasable glass pens and whiteboard markers to scribble those ideas whenever and wherever they come to mind. You can always have a total redecoration when that big project is over.

5Fashion meets function

Don’t impose – let your employees make their own organic, workable space. Who knows, you may just invent a new office design aesthetic in the process.

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