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A creative hobby is a wonderful, relaxing and rewarding pastime. There is plenty of evidence that art can help with mental health and adult colouring books and crafts have become commonplace in shops. The art of mindfulness, which means appreciating what you’re doing at the moment can be achieved by sitting down over a rewarding project and producing something to be proud of. So, if you want to feel calmer and more fulfilled this year, get equipped now and you’ll soon be producing masterpieces!


Drawing is a marvellous pastime. Unleash your creativity, let your imagination run riot and allow your pencil to produce amazing images with our Bic Conte colouring pencils. These lead-free, splinter-proof pencils are available in a number of amazing, vibrant colours with hard, resistant pigments.

Paper craft

There is a lot you can do with paper: card making, decoupage, origami, the possibilities are almost endless. To get started, why not opt for something fun, like our glitter glue? This is available in 12 different colours and each tube comes with a precision tip for easy and accurate application, perfect for making cards or simply adding a little sparkle to your everyday life!


Modelling is great fun and you can make lots of things from modelling clay. For the beginner, you can create monster finger puppets with a few small pieces of clay. Simply mould a piece around a finger then attach different colours for eyes and features. Our Plastiplay modelling clay is perfect for this, and a forgivable medium if you make a mistake, as it never hardens, stays moist and pliable and best of all, comes in lots of different colours to allow you to create whatever you can imagine.

To start your new crafty hobby, have a look at Office Monster now. Our products are second to none and we are a customer-centric business which prides itself on complete customer satisfaction. Try us today: we guarantee you’ll be delighted!

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