The importance of effective records management

Improving business results with effective records management

A good records management program can help you improve your business results in the following 5 ways:

  1. The systematic disposal of records will prevent costly paper accumulation and free up valuable space.
  2. Your company will be protected from accidental or premature destruction of records.
  3. Reference retrieval will be faster – less time will be spent waiting for information.
  4. Purchases of excessive office filing equipment will be avoided.
  5. Potential crippling breaches of corporate security will be safeguarded against.

Which product is right for you?

Selecting the correct product is key to ensuring the best records management system is created. Use the table below as a guide to the type of product that will best suit your needs.

Your Situation Your Solution Storage units Transfer files Storage boxes
Have limited space and no shelving. Stack-able units offer space saving floor or desktop storage solutions. Yes
Require easy, frequent access to files. Eliminates the need to un-stack and re – stack boxes. Yes
Need to save time retrieving files. Storage units cut retrieval time in half. Transfer files offer spine labels for quick and easy identification. Yes Yes
Infrequent access to files. Less frequently accessed files can be stored in storage boxes which can be stacked to save space. Yes Yes
Frequent moving and handling of records. Stronger boxes are designed for frequent moving and handling. Yes
Moving records to an off-site location for long term storage. Transfer files or lever arch files can be placed in storage boxes to maintain a filing system off-site. Yes Yes
Lever arch files are used and need to be accessed regularly. Selecting filing units are compatible with lever arch files and are ideal for frequent use. Yes
Lever arch files need to be stored long term. Selected storage boxes are compatible with lever arch files are ideal for long-term storage. Yes


Are boxes to be used / moved regularly?

If yes, a medium or heavy duty box must be considered. Medium and heavy duty boxes will better withstand being moved more frequent.

Do you have limited space and need to stack boxes / filing units?

If yes, refer to the products stacking height recommendations. This will enable you to safely stack the storage solution to maximise your use of space.

Do you have a high quantity for boxes to build?

If yes, look for products that feature Presto™ Instant Assembly or Fastfold® Automatic Assembly that will save you valuable time.

Would you like to save time when fitting?

If yes, select products that are designed to fit lever arch files, transfer files, etc. This will save you time that would be spent re-fitting.

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