1. Choose your envelope size first

Envelopes come in lots of different sizes, so when you choose your envelope it would be wise to go for a standard envelope size because you’ll find many colors, finishes and designs.

2. Check the exact size

You need to take into account two sizes. The envelope size and the size of what you are putting into it.

 To get your card into the envelope you will need to leave about 5mm room. But that small gap will let you put your card or paper into the envelope rather than spending 10 minutes forcing the card into the envelope only to see the envelope tear anyway.

3. Get the right flap

This all depends on what you want, so this is the easy bit.

Diamond – this is where the flap is pointed and meets in the middle. It is the classic envelope style and has more of a traditional feel.

Wallet – this is a straight flap, a simpler and more ‘contemporary’ design.

4. Choose your paper

I think it goes without saying that heavier paper, just seems to have a better quality and be more expensive, so depending on what your sending and who your sending it too, the thickness of the paper will vary.

You might also take lined envelopes into consideration. Lined envelopes may also be something to take into consideration, these contain an inner tissue paper lining, giving it extra security and makes it feel like its better quality. Perfect for invitations.
Office Monster supply a wide range of envelopes to fit everyone’s needs so feel free to browse our website or give us a call if you would like any more advice.


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