First impressions are everything in the world of sales and marketing. From the pristine ironed shirt you wear to the glisten of your expensive watch, you want and need to look like you mean business. In the same way, it is important that you appear organised and ready for anything that is thrown at you. That’s why it is essential that you have the right stationery items in your possession when attending a client meeting or even just canvassing that next sales opportunity.


One of the first items you should always carry with you is a notepad. When you attend a client’s meeting, you want to take a professional looking notepad, not just scraps of paper. This shows your organisational skills and how important the meeting is to you. Manuscript books scream professional so, instead of a standard notebook, consider taking one of these with you.

Presentation Supplies

When attending a client meeting, they will often want to see examples of the exceptional work you or your company has done. Providing these in a portfolio shows that you take great care in your work and that you consider everything you have done to be of value. You can get portfolios to cover any size of work, from A0 straight to A4, so anything from print work to legal documents can be kept safe for that next meeting.

Business Cards

Naturally, if you’re meeting a string of clients, you want to keep in touch with them. That’s why it is important that you have a business card holder with you at all times. Business card holders can keep your own cards safe, and when you receive business cards from your new contacts, you have somewhere you can refer to when you make that follow-up inquiry.

Having these stationery items in your possession will help you set yourself apart from the competition, and can only add to your professional appearance. We guarantee you will score big at your next prospective client meeting.

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