There’s nothing more refreshing than getting out of the office for the day. Whether you’re meeting with a supplier or just pitching to a new potential client, it can be exhilarating doing something different than sitting at your desk. Of course, the one advantage being at the office does have is its home comforts, including having an arsenal of awesome stationery available to you. Being on the road means that you can’t fall back on any office supplies you may find yourself needing unexpectedly. With that in mind, here are 4 stationery items you should always have with you on the road, to curb any unexpected situations.


You should always have pens on you. Not just one, but a decent pack of pens that you have tried and tested before leaving the office. Try and balance it by having a mixture of blue and black pens, and if you’re attending any client meetings, make sure they’re of the best quality. Believe it or not, a poor-looking pen could detract from your professional image.


If you are showing up to a supplier or client meeting, having a notepad is a must. An A5 notepad is perfectly acceptable as it allows you to quickly jot down notes during your meetings. There’s nothing that says unprepared more than showing up to an appointment without something to write on.


Trust us on this one – we’ve attended too many meetings where we have needed to make a simple calculation only to find our phone dead. Having a pocket calculator handy will save you the daunting process of showing how bad your long-hand calculation skills are.

Document wallet

Keeping any documents safe during your business meetings is essential, so it is always recommended that you carry a document file with you. This will make sure any paperwork isn’t bent or ruined while in your hands, and it shows that you are organised too. We recommend always using an A4 document wallet as standard.

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