Many offices are located in built-up areas, often a large distance from the nearest homes. This means that your employees might have to suffer through a rather lengthy commute to work – sometimes on buses, trains or trams.

Therefore, it can sometimes be a struggle to carry all the items they will need during their day at work. So what’s the solution to help them out? Well, advising your staff to invest in a briefcase, or even better, treating your employees to brand spanking new one, would definitely be a good idea. Here are just a few reasons why this choice of baggage is a great idea.

1. The stylish + professional choice

Briefcases are notoriously sleek, thanks to classic films such as Wall Street, they are commonly associated with professionalism and convey a sense of organisation to colleagues, managers, customers, business clients and onlooker alike. They’re also available in a variety of sizes and are incredibly stylish thanks to their smooth, leather look which still complements modern office attire.

2. Transportation

The morning commute is never fun especially when you’re sat on a train with what seems like a million other people and anyone who’s ever jumped on a train at rush hour will be well aware that space is at a minimum. Luckily, briefcases are so compact in size that they can easily be taken on public transport without causing a nuisance or taking up seats, and for longer journeys when you might want to gets some work done, they even serve as a makeshift desktop when you finally get a seat. They’re also the perfect shape for slim devices such as tablets and electronic notebooks with many cases reinforced for added protection.

3. Organisation

Briefcases are designed to hold items like papers and office supplies. You can, therefore, remind staff that the baggage is ideal for carrying important documents and stationery to and from work, unlike backpacks or handbags which have less rigidity.

The compartments also eliminate any chance that important files could end up stained, crumpled or ripped before they arrive at their destination, making it the best way to transport reports, while the lockable feature of many briefcases is an added bonus for sensitive files.

4. Easy to store

Remember, briefcases aren’t just simple to store during the commute. They’re also a rather nifty size to tuck away in the office, sliding conveniently out of the way alongside desks. This means that staff won’t have to worry about leaving their bag propped up against their desk or struggle to fit it into a security locker.

5. Give the top tip

If your staff often take work home with them, why not advise them about investing in a briefcase from Office Monster? They’ll be surprised just how versatile, durable and protective they are for all their paperwork and devices.


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