These days it is rare to find an office that doesn’t include rows upon rows of computers. But don’t be fooled into thinking that every little thing should be done while sat in front of a monitor and screen. Instead, offices can really benefit from having one or two whiteboards dotted around to further strengthen communication. Here are just four ways that you and your staff could reap the rewards if you invest.

  • Team meetings

A daily team huddle could be improved with a whiteboard in the mix. As staff discuss strategy and targets for the day, simple notes can quickly be sprawled onto the surface. Due to the size of the boards, everyone in attendance will be able to see the writing and won’t need to ask for confirmation. In addition, these notes can easily be erased before the next meeting so that the boards can be used over and over again.

  • Notices

Whiteboards can contain important notices that will catch people’s eye. These could be anything from reminders about who’s on holiday, who’s out-of-office and what time meetings are scheduled for. Don’t forget, whiteboards are more full-proof than email because the message can’t be lost or forgot about.

  • Training purposes

All teams need regular training if they are to improve and move with the times. In office environments, training can sometimes be accomplished though a senior member of staff teaching others in front of a whiteboard. It might have a school feel to it, but that’s because it’s a trusted way for people to absorb new information.

  • Lightheartedness

There’s a time and a place for lightheartedness in an office – and sometimes this just so happens to be on a whiteboard. The surface gives people an opportunity to write relaxed messages, inspirational quotes or jokey tidbits whenever they feel. This is much more efficient than clogging up people’s email accounts with non-important correspondence.

  • Reap the rewards!

All in all, it’s fair to say that whiteboards strengthen communication between colleagues. If this appeals to you and your staff, you can buy one – as well as many other office supplies – on our website.


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