Whether you work within a creative company or a more corporate environment, designing your office space to encourage productivity is a no brainer. According to studies, an employee’s ability to focus is predominately affected by the physical environment the person is surrounded by. The design of the office environment can affect productivity by up to 20%*. Below we’ve listed some top tips to ensure your work space encourages as much productivity as possible.

Colour scheme

You might be tempted to decorate your office space with your brand colors – but consider what impact these colors may have on the productivity of your team, or on you – if you work from home. Blue and green palettes elicit higher levels of efficiency and focus, whereas grey and beige walls can produce feelings of sadness and depression**.


Encourage employees to personalize their desk space, whether it be with photos, plants, frames or sweet jars – adding personal items to a desk helps to drive a positive working environment. Photos of loved ones, or holidays can be a reminder to employees as to why they’re working so hard in the first place.


Rather than spending a fortune on artwork created by someone else, take inspiration from the work you have produced as a company. If your company works in the service industry, demonstrate the great work you’ve created for your customers around the office. Photos of successful events, products and meetings or even paintings are great ways to remind your staff about the positive impact the work they create has. Seeing past successes all around the office will hopefully encourage more great work in the future!

Encouraging a culture of creativity and productivity doesn’t have to be a total office overhaul, subtle changes to the color scheme on your walls and encouraging personalisation can have a hugely positive impact on the efficiency of your team. To support your increasingly productive team you will need affordable, high-quality office stationery and supplies. You can order the supplies you need today from the wide range on our website.

Photo: designer home office by perzonseowebbyra licensed under Creative commons 4


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