Sit ON, not IN your office chair


A foot rest can be an added comfort bonus though not absolutely essential.

Have you ever noticed the signs in a modern office advising you about correct posture in front of a computer? Of course you have, you can’t avoid them. You know the drill – correct height of computer monitor, back position and of course support for your wrists to prevent repetitive strain injury when using the keyboard or mouse.

One important point is often overlooked when it comes to the chair you are sitting on. Ideally, your knees should be slightly lower than your hips in addition to having proper support for your lower back. You can check this at Ironically if you travelled to work in your own car the chances are your hips were positioned slightly lower than your knees. One day the Health and Safety team will have a field day with the car industry.

Drive any distance in a car and you feel like you want to fall over when you get out, maybe even the odd pain brought about by sensations of numbness in your legs. If you look inside the cab of a lorry or a large van, the seats definitely raise your hips above your knee position, presumably because of the long journey times endured by commercial drivers. Clearly office chairs should follow these guidelines as well when you consider just how long we spend in front of computers on office chairs.

In all fairness, most modern office chairs purchased online will facilitate this critical adjustment to make sure that your hips are above your knee height. A foot rest can be an added comfort bonus though not absolutely essential. If you observe the hip higher than the knee rule when sitting down, over a month you will notice a dramatic difference in comfort.

When you visit other premises, it is a good idea to always look for a chair to sit on, rather than a sofa which can almost feel like it is being worn, since a standard upright chair will usually feel more comfortable. A suitable chair which meets this criteria can be seen at Furniture Monster: Click Here.

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