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‘Ergonomic’ is essentially a fancy way of talking about how effective and comfortable your working environment is. The Merriam-Webster dictionary takes it one step further in their description, calling it an: “applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely”. Essentially, it’s a specific and niche kind of knowledge.

But does it really matter? Of course! In fact, it should come high up on your company’s to-do list. Leading businesses build workplace ergonomics into their every operation, with the benefits speaking for themselves. If you’re not already doing it, now’s the time to start.

The benefits of strong office ergonomics have been proven time and time again, and can be listed as follows:

1Ergonomics improve how productive your team are. In having a good posture while sitting at a desk or standing at a work station, your employees will be straining less, will have to make fewer movements, will be able to reach more and won’t feel so uncomfortable or achy. Look at all areas of their space and check for hazards – how far are they having to lean? How close is their chair to the desk? Is the chair comfortable and supportive? Can they reach everything? Is it high or low enough? Picking the right desk, computer workstation and/or chair is key.

2Ensuring your workplace ergonomics are all in order also helps to reduce costs from staff taking sick leave or claiming compensation costs through becoming ill from their office environment. Looking after their health and safety before problems arise is important and also helps to ensure they feel valued and respected.

3It also serves towards ensuring your office is health and safety conscious and committed when you monitor ergonomics. It helps to improve the overall culture within your workplace of checking that areas are safe. This will pass through into other areas of the business and have a ripple effect on how staff assess situations.

4Office ergonomics additionally help to prevent absenteeism as employees are more motivated to come into work and feel less fatigued while there. If they enjoy the space in which they work, they will feel more inclined to be present and active. Also ensuring they have all the stationary and office supplies they need will stop them from feeling frustrated.

Ultimately, taking the time to look for hazards or strains in the workplace and putting your employee’s health and safety first and foremost is packed with benefits and will ensure their work is done to a high standard. It’s important to implement now.

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