A tidy desk means a tidy mind.

We all want to create the perfect office environment. The right stationery, technology and furniture can make all the difference to how we feel mentally. Without the correct supplies, we can’t do the job, right?

But it’s also important to remember the golden rule of any productive working space – organisation! A tidy desk means a tidy mind. If you’re not concentrating on mess and clutter, you’re 100% able to focus on the day ahead.

If you’re in need of a new year desk detox, here are five quick tips to ensure a clean and carefree office.

Visible storage

Tidy up those working areas with efficient office supplies. Ensure you’ve got the correct filing systems, boxes, cabinets and storage. Follow one simple rule – if you aren’t immediately using something, file it away! A minimalist desk space with just the essentials – laptop, pens, paper, coffee – means you can focus on the job at hand with no unruly paperwork in sight.

Invisible storage

Sometimes it’s those out-of-reach areas that create the most clutter in our minds. Remember to keep things tidy inside as well as out – think organizers for your drawers, dividers for your cabinets. Knowing that everything is organised behind closed doors will give you peace of mind and make you feel more ‘on top’ of things.

Let in the light

The right light is so important in any office. Place your desk as close to natural light as possible, and if you can’t, invest in a quality work lamp. An effectively-lit office can increase productivity, positivity and help you feel awake throughout the day.

Natural plants

We spend most of our working days behind closed doors. That’s why it’s often important to bring something natural and green inside. A small desk plant will add a splash of colour and life to your office.

Neutral colours

White walls and neutral coloured stationery can bring calm and peace to your working area. But remember to buy office products that best fit your personality, even if that means adding a splash of your favourite colours!

For more ideas, contact Office Monster today, or browse our website for inspiration.


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