Whether you’re hosting an in-house training session for a few clients, or a conference for a much wider audience, being prepared and having the right office supplies to hand can demonstrate your professionalism, and ensure the event goes without a hitch.

Plan as early as possible

Start the planning process of your in-house event as early as possible, so you’re organised for when the day approaches. Send out invitations early and keep a record of attendees. Make use of personal planning accessories such as a diary or calendar to keep a track of everything.

Adequate supplies

It’s essential to have an accurate idea of numbers before the day arrives, so you can order the right amount of supplies. You might need to buy new conference furniture, including tables or extra seating. Choose seats that can be easily stacked, for convenient storage when not in use. There’s nothing more embarrassing than having clients turn up to an event and not having anywhere for them to sit, so err on the side of caution, and get more chairs than you might need!

Effective presentation

Make sure you have the right equipment in place to make the most of your event, and for presenting information in the most effective way. A whiteboard is incredibly useful for these occasions, but don’t let yourself down by not having adequate, good working dry-wipe marker pens. A flip chart is also handy for training purposes.

Providing handouts is always beneficial, but it’s also a good idea to have a supply of blank sheets of paper and pens so attendees can make notes if they want to. If you have lots of handouts, why not present these in a binder, to keep the information together? They’ll look professional, too.

Creating the right impression

When you’re hosting an in-house event for clients, it’s vital you make the right impression, not just with the information you provide, but how you portray yourself as a company. A clean and tidy environment can help to achieve a favourable impression just as much as how knowledgeable you are.

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