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If you are a self-confessed stationery addict, you obviously need a great deal of stationery in your life. But others see stationery as a means to an end; a staple (excuse the pun) of the office. Well, here are the top 4 reasons (you may never have thought of) for why you need stationery:

1. Social skills  

Keeping a journal in your bag would be a great idea so you don’t forget your best ideas. 

Yes, who’d have thought it? Stationery could actually improve your social skills. Purchasing pens, pencils and writing sets may encourage you to write letters instead of sending instant messages on social media. There is something really special about receiving a personal letter through the post and beautiful writing supplies make the activity even more satisfying. Why not start a trend of becoming pen pals with any friends you have across the country or worldwide?

2. A form of expression

Just like our individual clothes choices or hairstyle, stationery also expresses who we are as a person. Journals, pens and pencil cases, for example, come in a wide range of designs which show off our personal taste – and even our status. There is nothing more exciting than sitting in a lecture, at your desk or in a meeting and arranging your stationery treasures. You can choose to go bold and colourful when taking notes, or sleek and pro with a beautiful fountain pen.

3. Perfect when wrapping gifts

Do you appreciate it when friends use coloured pens and special tags when giving you a gift? Stationery can express how you truly care for someone through such a simple tactic. Even adequate gifts can be transformed through the power of stationery! Use scissors to create fancy cut out embellishments on a gift tag or wrap, and use colourful pens to add artistic doodles and flair.

4. Keeping organised

If you are a busy bee, ensuring you have enough stationery around you can turn into an obsession. Keeping a spare pen and piece of paper in your handbag could be a lifesaver if you need to make a note. Likewise, if you are an artist, designer, writer or songwriter, ideas can pop into your head at any moment.

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