The secret benefits of doodling


Ever find when in a meeting or at work, you have the overwhelming urge to doodle? But feel guilty if anyone sees because it appears as if you’re bored and not concentrating? We at Office Monster have very recently discovered the unfamiliar facts about doodling.

The average phone call with my grandma lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour, if i’m lucky. This means for a whole 30 minutes of this inspirational conversation, my subconscious will have most likely taken over, and my right hand will be doodling. This doesn’t mean that I wont be listening or will have zoned out like you would expect, no I am actually more in-tune with this thrilling catch up. This is because doodling actually helps you concentrate.

 When in a meeting or lecture, do you ever try extra hard to concentrate, but once you’ve finished you realize you haven’t actually learnt as much as you’d hoped? This is actually because you’ve been listening too much. Yes, listening too much is a thing. We at Office Monster have recently discovered how to create the perfect balance. Doodling.

Research published in 2009 found participants who doodled while listening to phone calls were able to recall 29% more information that those who just took notes.

Doodling distracts people from consciously thinking about a problem, it allows for a subconscious incubation of the solution. Overthinking a problem is a dangerous game to play, and doodling is a great way to take your mind off it, and leave your subconscious to solve the problem for you.

Ever forget something and cannot, for the life of you, recall it? And then an hour or day later it comes crashing back without even thinking about it? Doodling works just like that.

With the knowledge of unknown facts like this Office Monster realize the importance of doodling, but more importantly doodling PENS! Browse a range of our pens at office monster to encourage and embrace this secret phenomenon.


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