4 tips on how to survive exams

1. Revision Techniques:

Revision is probably the most obvious tip. But it’s how you do it, which is the key to success. First of all, PENS. Lots and lots of pens. Highlighters, sharpies, fine liners, ball point pens and handwriting pens will all become some of your best friends during the exam season. Colour coordinating your work is very important, it organizes all the information and makes everything clearer and easier for you to take in. It can also make revision fun! Which is vital as revising isn’t the most exciting thing to do. We at office monster know just how expensive stationary can be, so why not check out some of our highlighters for as little as £0.59!

2. Don’t overthink things:

This is the trap that heaps of exam candidates fall in, over-thinking things. As long as you are doing your best, there is nothing more you can do, so why worry? It will only increase your stress levels.

3. Balance:

During exam season, students have been known to ‘lose themselves’ so to speak. Overthinking, over-revising, staying up late trying to cram as much information in their head as possible, making revision the main focus of their lives. But this isn’t beneficial at all. Getting the correct balance between relaxing and working is very important. Perhaps you could try revising for an hour and relaxing for an hour. Or buy a packet of sweets and once you’ve learnt something, treat yourself to one..or 10.

4. Try not to compare yourself to others:

Because on results day, you just want to be proud of what you’ve achieved and what you’ve worked so hard for. So if one of your peers is achieving higher grades than you, don’t beat yourself about it, instead look at how far you’ve come and compare your old self with your new self.

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