Be your own boss: using stationery to organise your home


Although most people now use computers and phones to organise themselves, stationery items offer a more tangible and memorable way to organise your day and your space, and can look and feel more interesting and exciting.

Whilst most people equate stationery items with work, school and college, office supplies can also be useful in the home. Here are just some tips:

1. Kitchen sticky notes

Whether you want to keep these next to the fridge or a main notice board in the kitchen, having a stack of sticky notes and a pen close to hand whilst you are in the kitchen allows you to make a quick note of anything that has run out as and when it happens. Sticky notes are also great because they can stack up and you can take them all to the supermarket with you next time you go, without any new notes overtaking older ones. They’re also invaluable for leaving urgent messages – or sickly love notes to bright up your partner’s day!

2. Separate day planners for home and work

A day planner which you keep at home can be used to note down appointments, birthdays and daily plans for the whole family. Keeping it separate from the work planner allows you to keep track of everything much more easily. Desk diaries, ring binders and pocket diaries are all available to browse at Office Monster.

3. Different highlighters for each family member

Tied together with a daily planner, different highlighter pens for each family member can be used to note which plans and activities relate to which person. If the daily planner is kept somewhere easy to access, then each person can glance and quickly see if there is something relating to their colour happening that day.

4. Message board lost property

What better way of ensuring that all items left in communal areas get back to their rightful owners than by pinning them to a message board in the hall? Family members can place items there as they go past and will easily be able to spot any of their own items pinned there. You can find a comprehensive selection of notice boards and accessories at Office Monster


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