Often, if somebody has messy/scruffy handwriting, this is considered a negative thing and is almost frowned upon as if you don’t have any pride in your work, however recent studies have shown that this isn’t necessarily the case.

For example, Albert Einstein had scruffy handwriting and he was one of the most intelligent people to walk the planet. Another recent study has shown that doctors’ sloppy handwriting kills more than 7,000 people each year, and to be a doctor you need to be on the ball. So what can it actually mean if your handwriting is messy? Well this blog is here to talk you through it.

1. Quality over appearance

During meetings, often there is so much information to write down that the quality of your handwriting sometimes needs to take a backseat and as a result your handwriting becomes loopier, rushed and can sometimes look as if you don’t have any pride in your work. But don’t worry, this is definitely not a bad thing, the quality and quantity of your written work is far more important than the actual appearance of your writing.

2. Your pen can’t keep

If you’re a creative writer on the other hand, for example if you enjoy writing short stories, poems or even song lyrics, often, you’ll know that these creative ideas can come to you at any time, and who has time to be messing around and making sure that the appearance of the writing is up to scratch and is flawless? You’ll need to get those spontaneous ideas down as quick as you can! Therefore, if your handwriting at the end of it isn’t a work of art, don’t worry it just means your pen can’t keep with all your mind blowing, million dollar ideas.

3. Minimalism might be killing your creativity

If you find that you are one of those people with scruffy handwriting, don’t try to combat it because If you are always trying to write neatly, although you may think you are benefiting yourself, you are actually holding yourself back and ‘killing your creativity’. With a mind bursting full of ideas and thoughts that you need to quickly get on paper, slowing yourself down by trying to write neatly really wouldn’t be very wise at all, and you could hinder your creativity.

Therefore, with a head bursting full of intelligence and new ideas we Office Monsters know just how important getting all those ideas down on paper is, so why not have a browse on our website for some of our pads for as little as £0.76! Don’t worry about what others think of your desk, and instead thrive on the mess to try and stay more creative.


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