Although it’s just an ‘office job’, sitting all day can be a our postures worst nightmare. Whether it’s wrist pain, lower back pain, a really tight neck, or strained eyes, when we spend all day sat at a computer to pay the bills, our bodies often get stuck picking up the tab… So to help all you hunch-back-office-workers not become eternally slouchy, I have put together few tips that should put a stop to that.

 1. Sit without scrunching

Make sure you have your desk chair at the proper height so you can type without scrunching your shoulders up. Back straight, elbows bent at a right angle and eyes looking straight ahead. Having your neck bent down looking at an angle can result in all sorts of nasty stuff.

2. Find the chair that would beat all the other chairs in a ‘Comfy Chair Competition’

Seen as we spend at least half of our lives sat in a chair, lets make sure it’s a great one!   You don’t need to spend hundreds to get the chair of your dreams (unless you can afford it) – you simply need a chair which allows you too adjust the height so your feet are comfortably on the floor, has a comfy cushion to sit on, and good has lower back support. Furniture Monster supply hundreds of chairs from as little £47.50 so take your pick! 

3. Set your desktop workstation up properly

If you work with a laptop, you are probably spending all day hunched over a tiny keyboard. And if you work with a desktop computer, it’s possible the screen isn’t high enough and you’re most likely tilting your neck to be able to see the screen. You can easily stop this by raising the height of your monitors. Sooner or later your spine/back/shoulders/neck will no longer hate you! You don’t need anything fancy either! 2 thick books should do the trick or if you would like something slightly more attractive, check out Office Monster and find a monitor stand that suits you.

Require any more office furniture technology or tips feel free to contact us we’ll be more than happy to help!


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