Feel like your office needs a bit of an update? In this fast growing digital industry and with bulky desktop computers, filing cabinets and even the humble stapler coming to the end of their shelf life, it can be very hard to keep up. So, we’re not telling you we think you should have the most modern office on the high street, because that can get expensive. We’re just saying having an modern-ish office can definitely save you lots of time and space and it is absolutely worth the cost. Here are our reasons why:

1. First and foremost, having comfortable chairs

If you’re fortunate enough to work in an office, you’ll probably be spending lots of time sat down, in front of a computer screen, and this isn’t healthy. Therefore, you must make sure you have a very comfy chair, that isn’t going to damage your posture. We at Office Monster suggest the Precinct High Back Executive Chair at such an amazing price and with the comfort it provides you simply can’t go wrong.

2. No more excess paper

No more paper, no more files, folders, or binders. Put all the information the paper holds, on your computer, in labeled files. This will save you so much space and it also uses less energy to click on a mouse, than to physically put paper in files, so it’s a win win.

3. No more slow wifi

Everyone, has been a victim of slow wifi. And how annoying is? It seems to be one of those things that you’re reminded of every time your waiting for your computer to load and once it has loaded you forget about it and proceed to put off sorting it out until the next time you’re reminded of it. But believe me, sort it out. It will save you so much time, and make everything run so much more smoothly.

4. Invest in a whiteboard

Whiteboards are a fantastic way to encourage everyone to brainstorm their ideas. People will also gather around a whiteboard and discuss its content. If you’re trying to explain something to more than one person, a doodle, or sketch may help especially in development, when you might be describing a class structure, or some architecture.

5. The Office vibes

Having good vibes in the office is essential. If you’re struggling to understand what I mean when I say vibes, let me explain. So imagine an office with dim, yellowish, flickering lighting, an office that could do with a bit of a clean…but nobody really has the time, an office that is either freezing or too hot, an office with slow, dated computers. This is an example of an office with vibes that can seriously effect the productivity of the people working in the office. You need fresh air flowing through the office, delicious coffees made hourly, pristine desks with a plate of chocolate biscuits on top, and super fast computers along with super fast wifi, and this will definitely improve productivity within the office.


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