I don’t think i’v ever been in a meeting, in all my life, where a whiteboard hasn’t been present. No matter how much technology progresses, nothing can replace the goo old fashioned whiteboard.’  Tablets and Smart boards are being rolled out nearly everywhere these days, but I believe that you still need a Whiteboard in your workplace boardroom.

Whiteboards are very reliable

The ease of scribbling notes and diagrams onto the board for everybody to see is just simple and very effective. You may say you can do the same with Smart boards, however we all know that technology can go wrong and normally does when you need it most. The simple approach of writing out what you need and then having the ability to erase it easily is brilliant.

They are Eco-friendly

In today’s world, being Eco-friendly is more important than ever and guess what? White boards a great for helping you do your bit. They are better than using paper or Smart boards, making it a perfect, cost effective, solution.  Finally Whiteboards work perfectly alongside projectors. You are able to view your presentation on screen, whilst also having the ability to use your Whiteboard pens to point out key information. Its a win, win.

When it comes to white boards, there is no faf

Technology nowadays can be great, there is no question. But when you’ve got a meeting in 5 minutes that you’ve been going over and practicing for weeks in advance and you’ve almost got it spot on, ticking all the boxes and you get in the meeting room and turn on the projector only to realize it takes 10 minutes to start and there are 17 updates that take forever to update and you might as well fire yourself, that is when you realize that technology isn’t that great. Where as when it comes to a white board, there is no updating, no turning on, no waiting for it to load essentially, no faf.

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