Wake up and Smell the Office


The office is an unusual place filled usually with impatient, busy people who just want to get on with their work and don’t really have time to be cleaning up or emptying bins. Which without cleaners can often result in the office becoming an unhygienic, smelly place which can have an impact on employees productivity and work ethic. Therefore, Office Monster has put together a list of tips on how to prevent this from happening.

The intense, stinky food smell

The issue with food and people is, we are all so picky. So you might get one person who loves a certain type of food, and another person who hates it and if you stink the room out with your left over, deep fried, battered cod there will be someone in the office at least, who is not going to be very happy. Therefore, you must make sure if you’re going to stink the room out, that you do at a time when everyone else’s lunch is over, and then give the workplaces a thorough wipe down.

Abandoned Bins

There is nothing wrong with banana peel, half eaten sandwiches, tea bags, and coffee grains…unless they get abandoned, because then they start to smell and there’s nothing worse than getting to work early on a hot summers day, opening the office door, and being greeted with a smell which can only be described as rotten eggs. But never fear, because the solution is simple: just make sure everyone empty’s their bins regularly, especially in summer.

Overpowering Perfume

Perfume should be discovered, not announced. This is something to remember whilst putting perfume on before work. It has been proven that too much perfume can trigger migraines, which is why it’s essential you don’t put too much perfume. Because if you’re sat at work and it’s one of those days where you need to be on the ball, and your colleague next to you is wearing an unnecessary amount of perfume causing you to have a horrendous migraine, you’re not going to be at all pleased. Therefore, before applying perfume, just think about your poor colleague next to you.

Excessive Cleaning Products 

The thing is with cleaning products is, they’re supposed to clean. That might seem like the most obvious statement to have ever been made but, often cleaning products just mask the smell rather than doing what they’re supposed to do which is, clean and actually get rid of whatever causing the smell, so you’re left with a fresh, clean environment, free of fragrance. Opening windows after cleaning, is also another way to remove any excessive cleaning fragrances.


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