We are constantly told about the importance of going greener in our lives, but when it comes to turning your office “green”, you can sometimes feel it’s too difficult or too much effort, but we are here to show you it’s not! Here are our top tips on how to green your office.

1. Use electricity wisely

Shut down all printers, laptops, photocopiers, scanners and any other equipment that doesn’t need to be left on when the day finishes. Leave them off until you need to use them again. Check that any electronic devices are set to their most energy-efficient settings, remember that putting a laptop to “sleep” mode isn’t efficient. If you’re taking a time-out or lunch break then turn off your lights when leaving a room, and lastly, take advantage of natural sunlight as much as possible, especially now with all the summer sunshine!

2. Use environmentally friendly office products

This is easier than it may initially seem. Choose smart products, and start small. Try 100% recycled paper, refillable ink cartridges and non-toxic highlighters. These small changes help make a greater impact on the environment.

3. Work from home when possible

Working from home means you limit the commute which limits the use of cars, buses, trains etc. Working from home is also just as efficient, as not only do you have fewer office distractions but you can create your own home office filled with all the office accessories you could possibly need to maximise your productivity. Not only does this cut down on pollution and mean you can get on with jobs, it also increases the amount of personal time you have once you scrap the lengthy commute.

4. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

The mantra of going “green”. Put simply, don’t buy what you don’t need, and when you need something, try and pick products that are recyclable or have been recycled. From diaries and planners to tape, paper, pencils and pens, you’d be surprised at just how much can be and has been recycled.

Here at Office Monster, we know the importance of going green, and we support people’s steps in making the environment a better place. That’s why you will find a whole range of products suitable for a greener office environment. Why not check out Office Monster today for all your stationery needs.


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